Tuesday, August 29, 2006

too much fun

I'm here in Seattle on a shoot assisting for Jeffrey Brown, a San Diego photographer who is insanely talented. Check out his stuff, its amazing. So far this trip has been awesome! I learn a ton of stuff from all the great people invloved with big advertising shoots like this one.
Were staying in a cool house on Lake Washington, it's beautiful. Jeffrey and I took advantage of our long lunch break yesterday and hopped in the lake for a nice swim. Steven Lawu snapped a couple cool pics of me doing flips off the dock, haha. Good times.

Monday, August 28, 2006

fresh fish

I'm in Seattle right now, taking a break from our shoot, and I came across these photos and didn't realize how funny they were. I went beach camping last week with my buddy Taylor and his family, it was tons of fun. Taylor did some surfing and spearfishing. We both speared a couple smallish fish and I took some snappies of Taylors dad cookin' up the fish over the campfire. Believe it or not, it was pretty good!

"throw some olive oil in there...."

"and how bout some beer too!"

Friday, August 25, 2006

what the heck is it?

woke up this morning and saw this brilliant opportunity for a new what the heck is it... soooo, what the heck is it?? leave a comment with your guess!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

snapshots from NYC

So i just returned from the NYC trip, which was a blast. You might notice my wife Bethany isn't in any of these pics, thats because she's in Ireland with her sister. She flew from NY straight to Ireland after the wedding, so she didn't get to explore the city with us. bummer. anyway, here are some of my snapshots from the trip.

the crew- me, linz, tyler, and ben

nice style

this guy has got a serious problem when he wants to leave


ahhh, NY pizza!

ben and i doing spinnys in central park

tyler in central park

nice bike

even nicer bike

exploring the rooftop

tyler the photographer extraordinaire

ben and some random lady

ground zero

ground zero cross

my calzone with waaaay too much pepperoni

mmmm, pepperoni. not.

staten island ferry

manhattan from the ferry


very nice mullet spotting in the subway

linz loves watermelon

a funny pic tyler took of me

view out the plane window on my way home

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

funny little moment

i like blogging about super simple little things like this, so i will remember it for whatever reason...? so if it's boring to you... sorry! check out my other blog, it's more flashy and fun

my lovely wife bethany and I were walking from trader joes back to our hotel room in New York, and the sidewalk was overgrown, reminded me of "where the wild things are" book and the movie "great expectations" for some reason. it was the morning of seth and hannahs wedding that we were shooting, she was all dressed up in her wedding clothes already and i was still in my pajamas. drivers passing by must have got a good laugh. i was taking snapshots with my digimon of course, like i always am, and bethany was telling me a story about some huge man-eating spider, like she always is. right when she held up her hands to show me how big the spider was, i just happened to snap this pic, and it's kinda funny looking because it looks like horns or something. anyway, that all to our little moment.

Friday, August 11, 2006


We arrived safe and sound in NY. Flights out here were crazy... we arrived at San Diego Airport at 5:30AM and our flight left at 6:30AM, so were were running a bit late but thought we'd be ok, well, that was not the case! It just happened to be the same day those terrorists were caught, so we were greeted with an INSANE security line. No kidding, it was 2.5 hours long! People were literally turning into animals... survival of the fittest style. Pretty funny. So we totally missed our flight because of the line, but it all turned out to be ok. These are some pics of the security line in San Diego, if it didn't zig-zag all over the place, it probably would of been literally 1 mile long! It zig-zagged inside the building and went all the way out into the parking lot!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

all my friends are gettin' hitched..

..it's sweet! I was the first one of my group of buddies to get married, and now they are all getting married to super cool girls! My best friend Grant got married in May in Jackson Hole, WY. I was the best man, which was super cool. Here is Grant:

This Saturday my good buddy Seth McAllister is getting married right outside of NYC, and Bethany and I get to photograph the wedding! Were flying out there tomorrow morning on a 6AM flight! Here is Seth:

And next month my other good buddy James Munk is getting married at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon. We get to shoot his wedding too! It's gonna rock. Here is James:

By the way, you might be wondering why these are all such bad photos of my friends. I have this fascination of getting the worst possible pics of my friends so I can blackmail them for the rest of our lives. So this is a small taste of what I have in the archives... :)

x games!

yeeehaaaw I had a fun day at the X-games on Sunday! I was helping out a photographer with his shoot, so we got photo passes and had the best views of everything! I managed to snap a few pics with my point n shoot and i even took a few videos when I got a chance. I've always been really into dirt bikes and anything with lots of power that goes fast... so naturally after seeing those dudes on their motocross bikes I want to get one so bad. maybe one day.... pics are below.

*CLICK HERE* for the little video I put together. There is even a surprise ending for you....

Blaine's tip of the week, #2

Ok so this is a little trick I've put to use recently... my buddy and old roomate Paul taught me this one. It's genious. You know when you buy a big bag of chips and you can't eat the whole bag in a week, and then the chips get chewy and stale... it's nasty! I refuse to eat those kinda chips. So the amazing simple solution is to just put a chip clip on the top and then throw em' in the freezer. They'll stay crunchy for months... no more nasty chewy chips!

PS- If you try it out, let me know in the comments if it works for you or not! :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

another encounter with Bailey

i'm not kidding you, this dog is crazy. I shoulda taken some video. I took a few pics which do no justice to this insane dog. it's a huge ball of energy. this is my second encounter with bailey... you can see pics of our first encounter here

he actually fell asleep in my lap like this... legs up and everything.