Thursday, May 08, 2008

a funny memory

I always get a laugh when we come back to Michigan and my 103 pound 4 foot eleven wife hops in the drivers seat of her dads gigantic tanklike SUV. This 4X4 6 Speed Automatic Sequential Electronic Fuel Injected Single Overhead Cam 5.4 Litre V8 24 valve Lincoln Navigator weighs 6,221 pounds, puts out 300 horsepower @ 5000 RPM's and 365 pounds of torque @ 3750 RPM's.

In other words, she hops in and basically disappears in the thing. See her tiny little head poking over the steering wheel? Ya, thats her! :)

First time I ever saw Bethany was in the parking lot at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara circa 2002-2003. She was driving a new Ford F-150 with Michigan plates. She jumped down out of the truck (blue hair and all) and I just thought- "Wow, that is one tiny little girl driving that huge truck from Michigan, and she's got blue hair. I feel sorry for her"
Yes, that was my very first impression of the woman I married. :)


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