Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blaine's tip of the week- Retail me not!

Retail me not is a site that I recently discovered, its so great!

You know when you order something online, and there is always that area to type in a "coupon code" and you wonder... "hmmm, where the heck do I get one of those?" Companies usually send those codes out to people who subscribe to email newsletters and things. Well, this site Retail me not has a searchable database of all those coupon codes so you can find them! I recently saved $20 on printing some new business cards, and today I ordered something from and saved about $10. It's so easy to save some $$$.

So next time you are online ordering something, check it out to see if you can save some cash! And no I am not affiliated with this company whatsoever... I just want my blog readers to know about this super cool site!

O ya, one last thing- For all you super cool Mac users, they have a widget that you can see all the newest offers and you can search the coupon codes as well!

Monday, January 08, 2007

mullet of the month

I've been neglecting this blog recently... for all you faithful visitors who are still checkin in here is a sweet Texas mullet I hunted down yesterday.