Tuesday, September 04, 2007

worlds best smoothie

i'm not a great cook, i tend to just throw stuff together and hope it turns out. usually it looks horrible but tastes pretty good. anyway one thing i take pride in is my killer smoothies! oh boy. sometimes i wake up early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep because i'm thinking about what i'm going to put in my smoothie that day. its pretty bad.

the key is fresh ingredients. the photo below is a smoothie from a couple days ago, and i can only think of one other that came close to being this good. here is what i put in it (i don't keep track of how much of each thing):

frozen bananas
frozen organic blueberries (picked by us last week)
fresh Yellow Bartlett pears (unfrozen)
"Old Orchard" Apple Strawberry Banana Juice (100% Juice, no sugar added)
little spoonful of home canned blueberry-peach jam



Blogger Lorenzo Menendez said...

mmmmmmmmmmm egcellent.....looks tasty.

9/04/2007 9:15 PM  
Blogger Tim Halberg said...


ok... but what blender do you use?? a blendtec????? will it blend??? ;-)

I think that's been my stumbling block on the whole self made smoothies. (it doesn't hurt that we're less than a block from "Blenders")

9/11/2007 2:08 PM  

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